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01.02.2019 | Institut for Kemi

Troels Skrydstrup modtager Semper Ardens bevilling

Troels modtager 7.454.237 DKK for sit Semper Ardens projekt “The Science of Cleaving Strong Chemical Bonds” bevilliget af Carlsbergfondet

30.01.2019 | Institut for Kemi

Karriereprogram for yngre forskere fortsættes med tydeligere karrierespor

AU’s karriereprogram for yngre forskere, Junior Researcher Development Programme (JRDP) forlænges. Entrepreneurship er et af de faste spor i forløbet

15.01.2019 | Institut for Kemi

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Two groups receive infrastructure grants from Novo Nordisk Foundation

14.01.2019 | Institut for Kemi

Long-lasting field-free alignment of large molecules inside helium nanodroplets

Read Henrik Stapelfeldt Lab's article in Nature Communications

11.01.2019 | Institut for Kemi

Catalysts - creating chemical tools of the future

Read in Aktuel Naturvidenskab about Skrydstrup Group's work on transition metal catalysts as tools for many industries in their need to make better products for a world with growing pains.