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2018.12.03 | Department of Chemistry

ERC Consolidator Grant for Tobias Weidner

Tobias Weidner at Department of Chemistry receives ERC Consolidator grant

2018.12.03 | Public / media

3 postdoc stipends from Carlsbergfoundation

3 young researchers receive internationalization stipends

2018.11.29 | Department of Chemistry

3 grants from the Carlsbergfoundation

Marianne Glasius, Tobias Weidner and Henrik Birkedal from Department of Chemistry receive grants for the Carlsbergfoundation call for new infrastructure.

2018.11.28 | Department of Chemistry

Article about frog tongue chemistry highlighted

An article in Biointerphases about frogs’ sticky-tongue hunting technique by Tobias Weidner is highlighted by the magazine Ingeniøren

2018.10.31 | Department of Chemistry

Lundbeckfonden postdoctoral fellowship

Postdoc Sheiliza Carmali from Alexander Zelikin's group receives an individual postdoctoral fellowship from the Lundbeckfonden worth 2,1 Mio DKK

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