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2016.06.22 | Department of Chemistry

Karl Anker Jørgensen receives grant from Danish Council of Independent Research

The grant af 6.479.019 kr. is awarded for a project that will combine two fundamental catalytic concepts - organo- and metal-catalysis - in a new, innovative and multi-disciplinary way, to create the molecular building blocks of the future. Congratulations from the department.

2016.06.15 | Department of Chemistry

Thomas Poulsen receives grant

Thomas Poulsen has received a grant from DFF – Sapere Aude 2

2016.06.14 | Department of Chemistry

Jan Skov Pedersen Publishes in Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

Transformations between different micellar morphologies in solution induced by changes in composition, salt, or temperature are well-known phenomena; however, the understanding of the associated kinetic pathways is still limited.

2016.06.13 | Department of Chemistry

Anne Louise Bank Kodal elected as candidate for Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium

Former PhD student and post doc in Gothelf Lab, Anne Louise Bank Kodal, has been elected as Denmark’s candidate for Young Medicinal Chemist Symposium (YMCS)

2016.06.13 | Department of Chemistry

Nina Lock elected member of The Young Academy

The Young Academy has elected 10 new members, who have excelled in their research within their own field.

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