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2016.04.15 | Department of Chemistry

Unique opportunity for danish companies in the competition to develop materials of the future

An agreement has just been finalized on Danish co-financing of the coming X-ray facility in Lund, Sweden—MAX IV.

2016.04.04 | Department of Chemistry

Velkommen til Carsten

Carsten Pedersen er i dag startet som ny KIROS-medarbejder og support for kemi-forskningsgrupper i iNANO-huset.

2016.03.07 | Department of Chemistry

Molecular Glue for Joining of Rubber and Metal

Research focus on joining the two materials in a virtually unbreakable chemical adhesion

2016.03.03 | Department of Chemistry

2016 NOSA Symposium to be held April 4-6, 2016 at Department of Chemistry

Hosts: Marianne Glasius and Merete Bilde

2016.03.03 | Department of Chemistry

Feature article by Marianne Glasius in Environmental Science & Technology

Recent Discoveries and Future Challenges in Atmospheric Organic Chemistry

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