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2018.10.29 | Department of Chemistry

Brainnovation Day

Invitation to the 4th annual Brainnovation Day at AU On “Degradation and Recycling of Inorganic Materials”

2018.10.09 | Department of Chemistry

FET-Open Information Meeting

The coordinator team for the EU Excellence pillar and the Faculty of Science & Technology invites you to this 2-hour seminar about FET-Open (Future and Emerging Technologies), where you get the chance to learn much more from people with deep experience with the programme. No registration needed.

2018.10.09 | Department of Chemistry

Jacob Overgaard publishes “Very Important Paper” in Chemistry – A European Journal

Title: Mapping the magnetic anisotropy at the atomic scale in dysprosium single molecule magnets

2018.10.04 | Department of Chemistry

Rutgers University Delegation Seminars

Seminar talks will be held at Dept. of Chemistry on Tuesday 9th October 2018, when a delegation from Rutgers University will visit Science & Technology.

2018.09.25 | Department of Chemistry

Simpler and safer method for handling a useful but foul-smelling gas in chemical synthesis

Skrydstrup Group has developed both an ingenious, as well as a safe procedure for using the ’rotten egg’ smelling and flammable gas, methanethiol, in certain chemical reactions.