2017.09.08 | Department of Chemistry

New Publication by CADIAC in Nature Communications

Chemists from The Carbon Dioxide Activation Center have recently published a paper in Nature Communications with the title “Scalable carbon dioxide electroreduction coupled to carbonylation chemistry”

2017.09.04 | Department of Chemistry

Karl Anker Jørgensen receives the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize 2017

Karl Anker Jørgensen receives the prize for his groundbreaking research in homogeneous catalysis with a focus on metal-catalysed oxidation reactions and asymmetrical catalysis.

2017.09.01 | Department of Chemistry

Mussel gels must be made ready for surgery

Tubes with mussel glue will in the future be able to replace sutures and staples in the hospitals' operating rooms. Researchers at Aarhus University have copied the mussel glue production and improved it so much that they have established the spinout company Bioco Medico in order to get the glue brought to the market.

2017.09.15 | Department of Chemistry

New research article from AU-team led by Mogens Johannsen (Forensic Chemistry) and Thomas B. Poulsen

on the cover of Cell Chemical Biology

2017.08.24 | Department of Chemistry

Aarhus University focuses on materials research for building the future

Developing new materials with special properties is of crucial importance for scientific progress in areas such as energy, construction, environmentally responsible technologies, transport and electronics. Read more about the interdisciplinary Centre for Integrated Materials Research (iMAT).

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