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2016.01.13 | Department of Chemistry

Revolutionary calculation strategy puts Aarhus University on the world map

A research group led by Professor Poul Jørgensen, Department of Chemistry, has changed its strategy for high-accuracy computer simulations of large molecules such as insulin, reducing a calculation time of two billion years to one single day. The strategy will be tried out on the world’s largest computer, which is still being built and will be…

2015.12.23 | Department of Chemistry

AU IT is activating user accounts in the new common user catalogue January, 7th.

Read more and get a guide to logging into your mail account January ,7th.

2015.12.22 | Department of Chemistry

New Vice-Dean for Research at Science and Technology, Aarhus University

An extremely competent gentleman is taking up the position of Vice-Dean for Research at Science and Technology as of 1 January 2016. It is Professor Søren Rud Keiding, Department of Chemistry.

2015.12.21 | Department of Chemistry

AU is switching from priority post (A) to economy post (B) due to price increases

Due to price increases at Post Danmark, as a general rule, all letters will now be sent by economy post (B post) starting on January 1 2016.

2015.12.17 | Department of Chemistry

Sapere Aude-bevillinger til syv yngre forskere på Science and Technology

The Danish Council for Independent Research (DFF) has just awarded DFF-Research Talent grants amounting to more than DKK 500,000 in the Sapere Aude career programme. Our receivers are Anton (Chemistry) and Stig (iNANO – Troels’ group).

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