2017.08.16 | Department of Chemistry

XII ECHEMS Meeting - Poster Prize to Kristian Birk Buhl

Electrochemistry in ingenious molecules, surfaces and devices Milano Marittima 6th-9th June 2017

2017.07.05 | Department of Chemistry

Birkedal group on the cover of Advanced Engineering Materials

The cover art illustrates 3D printed mother-of-pearl model structures

2017.06.29 | Department of Chemistry

Helium Droplets Offer New Precision to Single-molecule Laser Measurement

American Institute of Physics wrote a press release on an article, Henrik Stapelfeldt's group just published in Journal of Chemical Physics.

2017.06.16 | Department of Chemistry

CADIAC on the front cover of Organometallics

The cover art illustrates the subtle, but colorful, Aarhus City skyline.

2017.06.22 | Department of Chemistry

Tobias Weidner and collaborators publish in Angewandte Chemie

The article describes how diatoms use proteins to build their cell walls out of nanostructured glass.

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