Travel Directions

Visiting Aarhus - Travel Options and Guidelines

Aarhus Airport (AAR)

The Aarhus airport (located in a town called Tirstrup) is probably the most convenient. It is an international airport and, depending on the airline, has connections to major European airports.

There is a shuttle bus that runs betweeen the airport and the railway station in downtown Aarhus. The stop just before the railway station is the University. The bus is clean, inexpensive, and efficient. The trip between the airport and the train station takes about 50 minutes and costs around 100 crowns, payable to the bus driver (the driver will take cash: Euros, GBP, USD and Cards: Visa or MasterCard or JCB-Card).

Upon arrival at the airport, simply collect your bags and go directly out to the street. Buses are scheduled to coincide with flight arrivals, so be sure not to drag your feet, or you will risk missing the bus departure.


Billund Airport (BLL)

The airport in Billund is yet another option. This is likewise an international airport with connections to major European cities. The shuttle bus trip between Billund and Aarhus takes about 1 hour. It costs 100 crowns for single fare and 155 crowns for 24-hour fare, payable to the driver (he/she will also take Euro). This bus drops you at the train station.

Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

The Copenhagen airport is another option. It may have a connecting stop to the Aarhus airport, depending on flight schedules. You can also take a train directly from the Copenhagen airport to Aarhus (travel time of approx 3 hours). Train seat reservations and tickets can be obtained through your travel agent. However, there is also a ticket office at the airport.

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