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New travel agency vendor at AU

How to activate your travel profile

2012.05.02 | Marianne Sommer Immersen

As of 1st May 2012, AU has changed its travel agency vendor from Via Travel to Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT).

Your travel profile has been created at CWT, but you MUST activate your profile before booking is possible.

Following email address*) must be used when you activate your profile:
*) Your profile is created with the email address that you use in AURUS – this email address must be used for the activation as your temporary pin code and access code will be sent to this email address. This applies even if you use a different email in your daily work. Upon registration/activation, it is possible to attach a different email address to your profile.

Activate at the CWT portal:

You will automatically be guided through the activation process (Quick-guide)

My profile is created, why do I have to activate (register) my profile?
The purpose is to ensure that your personal information is created correctly. It is of special importance that your name in your profile is 100% identical to your name in your passport. Your name is used when issuing plane tickets and you will be refused in the airport in case of disagreement. It is your responsibility to maintain your profile.

How to book via travels at AU in the future?
You can book online via the CWT travel portal or ask a secretary to book for you. As before booking is also possible by telephone (+45 3363 7777).

Further, in the CWT travel portal, it is possible to check-in, see your itinerary and information on travels, including links to AU’s travel policy and AU’s procedures for booking of travels for AU employees and non-AU employees. This information is also available on here.

Payment of travels booked via CWT

Travelers having an AU credit card:

When travels are booked the AU credit card which is registered in the travel profile is used for payment. This gives the opportunity to book low-cost flights through CWT! The AU credit card will be attached to one’s travel profile in connection with the creation thereof.

Reimbursement of plane tickets etc. is carried out in AURUS where the credit card transactions are automatically registered so as to avoid manual data input.

Travelers not having an AU credit card:

If you do not have an AU credit card, an e-invoice will be sent from CWT to be settled in IndFak. All AU employees with at least 18.5 weekly working hours are entitled to an AU credit card on the condition that the application is accepted by the head of the department.

Bookings in progress at VIA Travel
Travels booked up to and including 30 April 2012 are handled by VIA Travel – this also applies to travels to be made after 1 May 2012.

This means that questions in relation to the booked business trip such as changes to flight departures, questions in relation to invoices, etc. are to be directed to VIA Travel.

Where can I get help and guidance?
The CWT portal provides a number of demo videos showing how to book online.

In addition, a number of local AU-super users who can be consulted.

You can also contact CWT:

Questions regarding travels and manual booking: +45 33 63 77 77, E-mail:

Questions regarding technical support: +45 70 20 19 87, E-mail:

Monday-Thursday: 8.30-16.30
Friday: 8.30-16.00
T: +45 33 63 77 77

Calls outside opening hours are charged with a fee of DKK 200 per call

”The travel group” (Rejsegruppen) in AU Finance can assist you in general guidance on rules and instructions in relation to out-of-pocket expenses, travel expenses, including travel policy, guidelines in connection with business trips, use of credit cards and advance payments – but Rejsegruppen does not assist in booking of travels! Rejsegruppen can be contacted via

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