DFF Grants

The Danish Council for Independent Research has awarded 6 grants with a total value of 21.274.260 kr. for research projects led by researchers at the Department of Chemistry

2017.05.05 | Marianne Sommer

Forskningsrådet for Teknologi og Produktion:

Jørgen Skibsted receives 2.506.286 kr. for the project:
"The Role of Aluminum in Calcium Silicate Hydrate Phases of Hydrated Portland Cement Blends"

Troels Skrydstrup receives 2.515.745 kr. for the project:
"The Invention of New Catalytic Processes for the Conversion of Lignin to High Value Chemicals"

Research Council for Natural Sciences:

Peter Remsen Ogilby receives 5.902.442 kr. for the project:
"Controlled Production of Singlet Oxygen in Single Mammalian Cells"

Kurt Vesterager Gothelf receives 5.185.546 kr. for the project:
"Single Molecule Conjugated Polymers and Graphene Nanoribbons"

Birgit Schiøtt receives 2.587.862 kr. for the project:
"Towards a structural model of the synaptic membrane – lipids and the serotonin transporter"

Henrik Helligsø Jensen receives 2.576.379 kr. for the project:
"Cutting Corners in Oligosaccharide Synthesis – Let’s use LacNAc directly"


Congratulations to all grant recipients.



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