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March 8, 2017: Mette Johansen passes Master defence

Congratulations to Mette Johansen who successfully finished her Master's degree. Her research looked at the effect of electronic cigarettes on indoor air quality and potential health hazards.

Congratulations and good luck in your future endeavours!



March 7, 2017: New collaborative paper by René Madsen and University of California, Berkeley

René's new paper: "Characterizing Semivolatile Organic Compounds of Biocrude from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Biomass" has been published in Energy&Fuels. The work was carried out when René visited Allen H. Goldstein's research group in summer 2016. read the paper here:




March 6, 2017: New paper by guest student on bio-crude upgrading

Bo Iversen's group at the Department of Chemistry- Centre for Materials Crystallography (CMC)  who AC3 collaborates with on hydrothermal liquefaction research hosted the Master student Jinlong Yu from China. His research on catalytic bio-crude upgrading led to the publication "Catalytic hydrotreatment of bio-crude produced from the hydrothermal liquefaction of aspen wood: a catalyst screening and parameter optimization study". read the paper here: http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlehtml/2017/se/c7se00090a



December 12, 2016: New journal paper by René B. Madsen

René has published his newest work in Energy&Fuels with the title:

Predicting the Chemical Composition of Aqueous Phase from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Model Compounds and Biomasses



November 1, 2016: René and Patrick present their work at the TCS 2016 conference

René Madsen and Patrick Biller presented their work at the Symposium on Thermal and Catalytic Sciences for Biofuels and Biobased Products in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. 

René's oral presentation had the title: Comparing Quantitative Characterization of Bio-crude and Aqueous Phase from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Biomasses

Patrick's: Drop-In Potential of Upgraded Fuels Produced at Pilot Scale via Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Different Biomass Feedstocks 

August 26, 2016: Joan celebrates 40 years at the Dep. of Chemistry!!

Joan Kai Christensen celebrated her 40th (!) anniversary working in the Department of Chemistry. We are very lucky to have her working in our group as a laboratory technician. Joan celebrated with a party in the department on Friday afternoon which was very well attended, reflecting her achievements and popularity! Congratulations from all of us!



August 25, 2016: AC3 & APC canoe trip

Members of the AC3 and APC group went on a lovely day out canoeing near Ry. The day started with breakfast at Marianne’s house followed by a walk to the canoes and approximately 10 km of canoeing in lovely sunshine.


August 18, 2016: DHL relay race

Group members from both the AC3 and the APC group took part in Aarhus' annual DHL-Stafet relay race. Approximately 40,000 people take part in this race each year and our teams, Pretty Particle Pirates and Awesome Analytical Astronauts, both completed the the race in great times. 




August 16, 2016: C3BO General Assembly 2016

The group will be hosting the annual general assembly of the C3BO project. C3BO is a large Danish research project investigating the development of HTL processes for fuel production. Development of HTL processes for fuel production. Partners from Aalborg, Steeper Energy, the Paul Scherrer Institute (CH) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, amongst others, will be giving an update of the project's progress.

August 10, 2016: Mads Mørk Jensen has returned from the University of Bologna

Mads performed a research visit at the University of Bologna, Italy with Prof Fabbri.

After his 4 month stay in Italy Mads has now returned to continue his PhD in Aarhus with the AC3 group.

Welcome back!

April 27, 2016: Two AC3 presentations at the RRB Conference 2016, Ghent, Belgium

Both René and Patrick will be presenting their work at this year's 12th International Conference on Renewable Resources & Biorefineries 30 – 31 May & 1 June 2016 in Ghent, Belgium.

René will be giving a talk on his work on the effects of different pre-treatment techniques of Miscanthus for the preparation of a hydrothermal liquefaction feedstock. René performed a principal component analysis to investigate the pre-treatment effects on both the bio-crude and aqueous phase. 

Patrick will talk about the effects of recycling the water phase during hydrothermal liquefaction. This incorporates results from our continuous HTL facility, micro batch reactors and utilises the analytical techniques developed within AC3. 

 More info and the program of the conference can be found here: http://www.rrbconference.com/

April 10, 2016: Mads Mørk Jensen has departed on a 4 month research visit to the University of Bologna

Mads has left Aarhus for a research visit at the University of Bologna, Italy. He will be joining the research group of Professor Daniele Fabbri until the end of August. Prof Fabbri is an expert on pyrolysis and his research group has developed some advanced characterisation techniques using analytical pyrolysis gas-chromatography mass-spectrometry (Py-GC-MS).

Mads will be applying the techniques to some of his lignin derived HTL samples to be able to characterise the heavy molecular weight fraction. You can read more about the methodology here: pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.energyfuels.5b02688

February 23, 2016: Featured Article in Environmental Science & Technology by Marianne Glasius

Congratulations to Marianne Glasius who just published a featured article in Environmental Science & Technology in collaboration with Allen H. Goldstein from the University of California, Berkeley (USA). The title of the review article is Recent discoveries and future challenges in atmospheric organic chemistry. The article can be found online at: pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/acs.est.5b05105

January 28, 2016: Master Thesis Defence - Louise Skov Iversen

Louise Skov Iversen will be presenting her Master research Thesis with the title “Identification and quantification of water-soluble ions and organic trace compounds in aerosols from North Greenland” Friday the 29th January. This work investigates the application of analytical chemistry to investigate the chemical composition of aerosols, which are known to affect how aerosols influence climate directly and indirectly. The exam will be on Friday January 29 at 12.15 in Aud VI (room 1510-213), Department of Chemistry, Langelandsgade 140, Aarhus. 
The program is a presentation by Louise (about 45 min) followed by about 30 min of questions from censor (Jacob Klenø Nøjgaard, Department of Environmental Science Atmospheric chemistry and physics, AU) and the supervisor (Marianne Glasius).

After the exam there will be a reception in Aud VI (room 1510-213) starting approximately at 15.00.

January 26, 2016:René Madsen study visit to California

René Madsen has embarked on his research visit to the University of California at Berkley. He will be working on advanced characterisation techniques of HTL bio-oils via GCxGC coupled to mass spectrometry with different ionization techniques. 

January 25, 2016: New Journal Paper by René Madsen

René Madsen published a paper on optimizing derivatization efficiency for use in analysing aqueous phase from hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass. The journal is a research paper in the journal "Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry" 


Link to paper:


January 21, 2016: Mads passes PhD qualifying exam

Congratulations to Mads Jensen for passing his PhD qualifying exam on the 21.01.2015. The title of his talk was “Hydrothermal treatment of lignin and development of chemical analyses of its products” and the external examiner was Anders Honoré, (Dupont).

January 11, 2016: René passes PhD qualifying exam

Congratulations to René Madsen for passing his PhD qualifying exam on the 11.01.2016. The title of his talk was “Development of analytical methods for characterization of products from hydrothermal liquefaction of biomass” and the external examiner was Christian Schack Pedersen, Dong Energy

    December 15, 2015: New Group member!

    AC3 welcomes Mette Johansen to the group. Mette will be doing her Master Thesis in the AC3 group investigating the characterisation of vapours emitted from electronic cigarettes via PTR- MS

    January 2015: AC3 welcomes 2 new Master students

    AC3 welcomes Rikke Bernberg and Helene Rasmussen to the group. Rikke and Helen will be doing their Master Thesis in the AC3 group on the characterisation of Hydrothermal liquefaction bio-oils. Specifically Rikke will be investigating quantitative GC-MS and Principal Component analysis of HTL oils derived from a variety of different biomass resources. Helene will be working on the effect of recovery solvents and solvent evaporation  on bio-oil quality.

    Louise Skov Iversen visits Villum Research Station in north Greenland

    20/5-2015: Master student Louise Skov Iversen has recently returned after almost three weeks at Villum Research Station in north Greenland where she successfully collected aerosol samples. The samples will now be analyzed for molecular tracers to provide information on their formation and sources. Furthermore, the physical-chemical properties related to cloud formation will be investigated. The project contributes to the scientific understanding of sources and climate effects of aerosols in the Arctic, and is a collaboration between the research groups of Merete Bilde (Dep. of Chemistry), Andreas Massling (Dep. of Environmental Science) and Marianne Glasius (Dep. of Chemistry and iNANO).