Few-Cycle Mid-Infrared Pulses

Currently strong-field physics is shifting towards the use of mid-IR sources.

Chiral Molecules

Chiral molecules exist in two non-identical mirror image forms.

Manipulating helium nanodroplets

Molecules are aligned in the laboratory frame (fixed in space) using laser pulses.

Pump-Probe Spectroscopy

Photolysis of amino acids by femtosecond UV and IR pulses.

Optical Trap

Measuring of forces between hydrophobic surfaces.


Use of supercontinuum sources for spectroscopy.


ERC Advanced Grant: DropletControl

We are a partner in the European Innovative Training Network, MEDEA (Molecular Electron Dynamics Investigated by Intense Fields and Attosecond Pulses)

We are a partner in the European Innovative Training Network, ASPIRE (Angular Studies of Photoelectron in Innovative Research Environments)

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July 3, 2018: Qualifying Exam Jacqueline Arlt

Structure and dynamics of molecules embedded in helium nanodroplets studied by ionization with femtosecond laser pulses

10.15-12.15 Aud I (1514-213), Department of Chemistry, Langelandsgade 140, 8000 Aarhus C

March 2018: Article on the front cover of the Journal of Chemical Physics

The article, “Communication: Gas-phase structural isomer identification by Coulomb explosion of aligned molecules,” has been featured on the cover of The Journal of Chemical Physics (148, 091102, 2018)

Front Cover Journal of Chemical Physics