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The salary is about DKK 31400 (approx. EUR 4200) a month plus/minus something - depending on seniority.

Please note that salary is paid at the end of the month (in arrears) whereas rent must be paid in advance with a 3 months' deposit (sometimes a 6 months' deposit).

International Academic Staff - IAS

At Aarhus University the IAS (International Academic Staff) is coordinating and providing most of the information about practical information you will need. And if they don’t know it, they know someone who does.

You can get information about taxation, accommodation, what to do pre-arrival,on arrival, when leaving and much more:

Health Insurance

We have public health insurance in Denmark. All persons residing in Denmark and registered at the National Registry (Folkeregistret) are automatically insured. About health care please find information here: Work in Denmark (Health service)


The typical rent for a studio or a small furnished flat is about DKK 6500-8000 a month (EUR 873-1074). Usually you will have to pay a deposit of 3 months' rent and sometimes also 3 months' rent in advance. 

Various information

A little about everything can be found here:

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