Poul Jørgensen and Jeppe Olsen teach the following courses at the Department of Chemistry:

If you are interested in doing a Bachelor, Master, or PhD Project, you may have a look below at the raw list of general topics that may form the basis for individual projects. You are also always welcome to talk to us to hear and discuss more about concrete current projects, or just to give us your ideas of what you find interesting. Consult also our research and job offers pages for more information.


  • Development and employment of electronic structure models, current examples are
  • Development of correlated wave function models, in particular Coupled Cluster for large molecular systems with focus on the linear-scaling DEC method
  • Development of HF and DFT methods for large molecular systems with emphasis on getting linear-scaling algorithms.
  • Using the above methods for calculating molecular properties, for example equilibrium structures, reaction energies, vibrational frequencies, electric and magnetic properties, excitation energies and molecular properties of excited states.