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Welcome to the Department of Chemistry at Aarhus University

The Department of Chemistry is among the most successful departments at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University. The department houses a number of the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centres of Excellence, and carries out teaching tasks for many of the degree programmes at the faculty. Made up of a wide range of scientific areas, the department is expected to be a very strong partner in interdisciplinary initiatives in future, especially regarding the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO).

Strongest in the Nordic countries
The department’s success is also evident in an analysis recently published by NordForsk. This study measured scientific impact by using a citation index to analyse the scientific articles published in the Nordic countries, and the Department of Chemistry was the strongest chemistry institution in the region. The citation rate was more than 50 per cent above average for Denmark and 80 per cent above the Nordic average.

The Department of Chemistry also educates the majority of chemists in Denmark, with well over 200 active BSc students, a considerable number of MSc students and more than 100 PhD students.

There are 28 permanent members of the academic staff, as well as a strong support organisation and a considerable number of affiliated researchers.

Head of Department Birgit Schiøtt