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Fight-nCov project against corona virus

Alexander Zelikin key partner in Fight-nCov project for developing antiviral treatment against corona virus.

2020.03.16 | Marianne Sommer

Alexander Zelikin. Photo: AU

A project led by Anna-Lena Spetz at Stockholm University with the goal to develop an antiviral treatment against SARS-CoV-2 was invited to grant negotiations with the EC.

Following the publication of a €10 million call in January, the Commission secured an additional €37.5 million for urgently needed research on COVID-19 vaccine development, treatment and diagnostics. This allowed the selection of 17 projects out of 91 involving 136 research teams from across the EU and beyond, to start working on developing vaccines, new treatments, diagnostic tests and medical systems aimed at preventing the spread of the Coronavirus.

Brief summary:
The grant entails 2.8 M Euro and will be used for the development of new antiviral treatment with capacity to inhibit several types of viruses attacking the upper airways. In a collaborative effort, research teams in Germany, Denmark, France and Sweden, will evaluate drug efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 in test tubes and in animal models. The consortium will start preclinical development and conduct safety assessments according to regulatory guidelines for the most promising compounds. The project period is two years and builds on several years of previous research.

Key partners in this joint effort are:
Roger LeGrand, CEA, France; Urban Höglund, Adlego Biomedical, Sweden; Jan Münch, Ulm University, Germany; Alexander N. Zelikin, Aarhus University, Denmark; Thomas Schrader, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

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