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The Aarhus Centre for Analytical Chemistry, Atmosphere and Climate, (AC)3, research group is the analytical chemistry group at Aarhus University.

We develop and apply chemical analyses to investigate, e.g.:

  • The source, composition, and processing of atmospheric aerosols, which have a significant impact on the Earth’s climate.
  • The development of biofuels, which is a sustainable alternative to the diminishing fossil oil reserves.
  • The chemical characterization of particle emissions from candles, which is one of the largest sources of indoor air pollution.

As an analytical chemist, time is spent in the lab, preparing samples and standard solutions, obtaining data using analytical instruments, including our own ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) coupled to mass spectrometry (LC-MS), gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and ion chromatography (IC). For more information see instruments/equipment.
Much time is also spent interpreting and analyzing data, and applying statistics in order to validate the results.