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PhD Theses

  • Jakob Juul Larsen; Laser Induced Alignment of Neutral Molecules (2000); 
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, P.Corkum, M. Janssen); Download
  • Mikael D. Poulsen; Alignment of molecules induced by long and short laser pulses (2005); 
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, A. Stolow, O. Faucher); Download
  • Tine Ejdrup;  Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Laser Induced Alignment (2005);
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, J. Underwood, T. Sølling); Download
  • Christer Z. Bisgaard; Towards Fixed-in-Space Molecules (2006);
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, B. Jones, M. Vrakking); Download
  • Simon S. Viftrup; Control of molecular rotation using pulsed lasers (2007);
    (Referees:  H. Stapelfeldt,  J. Marangos, H. Sakai); Download
  • Lotte Holmegaard; Photoelectron Angular Distributions from Strong Field Ionization (2010);
    (Referees:  H. Stapelfeldt,  J. Underwood, M. Vrakking); Download
  • Jochen Maurer; Tomographic reconstruction of 3-dimensional photoelectron momentum distributions using aligned molecules (2012);
    (Referees:  H. Stapelfeldt,  M. Wollenhaupt, J. Marangos); Download
  • Jens Hedegaard Nielsen; Laser-Induced Alignment and Orientation of Quantum-State Selected Molecules and Molecules in Liquid Helium Droplets (2012);
    (Referees:  H. Stapelfeldt,   M. Janssen (J. Küpper), M. Drabbels); Download
  • Jonas Lerche Hansen; Imaging Molecular Frame Dynamics using Spatially Oriented Molecules (2012);
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, R. Dörner, T. Baumert); Download
  • Thue Bjerring Lindballe; Characterization and Pulsed Laser Manipulation of Trapped Objects (2012);
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, D. Hanstorp, L. Oddershede); Download
  • Lauge Christensen; Femtosecond Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Coulomb Explosion Imaging using Laser Aligned Molecules (2014);
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, K. Reid, T. Baumert); Download
  • Lars Christiansen; Laser Induced Alignment of Molecules Embedded in Helium Droplets: Exploration and Potential Applications (2015);
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, M. Drabbels, F. Stienkemeier); Download
  • Rasmus Johansen; Generation of Few-Cycle, Mid.-Infrared Laser Pulses: Ionization of Aligned and Oriented Molecules (2016);
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, C. Vozzi, H. J. Wörner); Download
  • Anders Aspegren Søndergaard; Understanding Laser-Induced Alignment and Rotation of Molecules Embedded in Helium Nanodroplets (2016);
    (Refereres: H. Stapelfeldt, I. Averbukh, A. M. Ellis); Download 
  • Anders Vestergaard Jørgensen;  Building an Optical Centrifuge: Rotation of Isolated Molecules and Molecules in Helium Nanodroplets (2018);
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, T. Weinacht, M. Kling); Download
  • James D. Pickering; Alignment and Imaging of Molecular Complexes Embedded in Helium Nanodroplets (2018);
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, M. Koch, G. Douberly); Download
  • Constant Schouder; Laser-induced Alignment and Structure Determination of Molecular Dimers embedded in Helium Nanodroplets (2019);
    (Referees: H. Stapelfeldt, R. Dörner, J. Wu); Download