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Biological and bioinspired materials

From biology to materials

Materials Chemistry with focus on biological materials - especially how Nature employs minerals (crystals) and the complex chemistry of metal ions to create materials.

Anomia shells

  • Underwater adhesion
  • Polymorph distribution and composition
  • Organic materials
  • Mechanics
  • Mechanisms of adhesion
  • ?

Nonmineralized materials

  • Sucker discs
  • Worm jaws


  • Nanostructure and mechanical properties
  • Crystallization of bone
  • Nature of crystals
  • Role of osteocytes
  • Treatment, disease and nanostructure
  • SAXS, EM, micro-CT, nanoindentation, diffraction

Latest News

Henrik Birkedal has been awarded a grant of 1 Mkr from Novo Nordisk Foundation for the project “Osteoarthritis: new clues to an enigma from sub-micron resolution X-ray imaging techniques”

Further, Dr. Tan-Phat Huynh has been award a Carlsberg Foundation’s Distinguished Postdoc Fellowship for a 2-year postdoc in the group of Henrik Birkedal. Tan-Phat Huynh will start in April, 2016.



Mie E. Birkbak
Bjarke Svane Boysen

PhD student Mie Birkbak from the group of Henrik Birkedal won the 2nd prize for her poster “Element Distribution in Bone Mapped in 3D by sub 100 nm Fluorescence Tomography” at the Euro Bio-inspired 2016 conference, 22-25 February, 2016 in Potsdam, Germany.

Nanoscience student Bjarke Svane Boysen from the group of Henrik Birkedal won a prize for his poster “Heterogeneous load distributions in cortical bone revealed by diffraction tomography” at the XV DESY Research Course 2016 – Soft Matter in the Light of Modern X-ray Sources, Hamburg, Germany



Henrik Birkedal interviewed in Materials 360 where he comments on a recent paper on ground braking adhesive research.

Henrik Birkedal was interviewed for the radio program Gandhi på P3 in the P3 channel of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) on his work on mussel inspired materials.

Paper on osteocyte lacunar properties in rat cortical bone published in Journal of Structural Biology.

Download for free till August 21st 2015 at www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1047847715300022

PhD student Simon Frølich has been selected by the Danish Council for Independent Research to participate in the 65. Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting as one of three Danish participants.

Read the article here (in Danish only)