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January 2021
A new article on dysferlin has been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry B by SurfLab researchers in collaboration with researchers from the Oregon State University: 

Direct Evidence That Mutations within Dysferlin’s C2A Domain Inhibit Lipid Clustering

January 2021
Lars Schmüser, Thaddeus Golbek and Tobias Weidner have published an article about spectroscopy of particles surfaces in Biointerphases:   

Windowless detection geometry for sum frequency scattering spectroscopy in the C– D and amide I regions

January 2021 
Seema Kumari is joining our group as a Research Assistant. Welcome, Seema!

November 2020 - Siad Dahir Ali
Siad Dahir Ali is joining our group as a Research Assistant. Welcome Siad!

October 2020 - James Pickering
James Pickering has joined our group as a postdoc. Welcome James!

August 2020 - Kris Strunge
Kris Strunge starts his PhD project in our group. Welcome Kris!

September 2020 - Article in Langmuir

Surflab researchers with collaborators from the University of Washington, Seattle, have published an article in Langmuir. 

The study highlights news methods to determine protein structure at interfaces:

Orientation and Conformation of Proteins at the Air-Water Interface Determined from Integrative Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy

June 2020 - Paper in Nano Letters

Thaddeus Golbek and Tobias Weidner have a joint paper with researchers from China and Germany in Nano Letters about ageing of 2D materials:

How universal is the wetting aging in 2D materials

Previous studies indicate that 2D materials such as graphene, WS2 and MoS2 deposited on oxidized silicon substrate are susceptible to aging due to the adsorption of airborne contamination. As a result, their surfaces become more hydrophobic. However, it is not clear how ubiquitous such a hydrophobisation is, and the interplay between the specific adsorbed species and resultant wetting aging ...

May 2020

Steven Roeters, Tobias Weidner and collaborators have published a review article about protein structure at interfaces in Chemical Reviews. 

Chemical Reviews frontpage

May 2020

New Surflab publication in collaboration with BIRD-C researchers from Vienna about bacterial ice nucleation: "Freezing from the inside: Ice nucleation in Escherichia coli and Escherichia coli ghosts by inner membrane bound ice nucleation protein InaZ".


May 2020 - Thaddeus Golbek postdoc fellowship

Thaddeus Golbek receives a postdoc fellowship from the Lundbeck Foundation. Congratulations Thaddeus!

April 2020 - Fani Madzharova

Fani Madzharova has joined our group as a postdoc. Welcome Fani!    

March 2020

Tadneem Tabassum from Ruhr University Bochum has joined the lab for two months on a research stay.  Welcome  Tadneem!

March 2020

Thaddeus Golbek together with SurfLab researchers and Thomas Poulsen publish a paper in Langmuir entitled: Lasalocid Acid Antibiotic at a Membrane Surface Probed by Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy

February 2020

Steven Roeters and Tobias Weidner publish an article in Chemical Reviews: "Structure and Dynamics of Interfacial Peptides and Proteins from Vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy"

February 2020

Lars Schmüser and Tobias Weidner, together with scientists from Germany and the United States, publish an article in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces: "The role of surface chemistry for the super-hydrophobicity of the springtail Orchesella cincta (Insecta:Collembola)"

January 2020

Katinka Rønnow Holler has started her bachelor project in our group. Welcome Katinka!

January 2020

The Carlsberg Foundation supports SurfLab with an Infrastructure Grant to extend our SFG experiments. 

October 2019

Article published in Nature Communications by Mette Rasmussen and Tobias Weidner:
"NEXAFS imaging to characterize the physio-chemical composition of cuticle from African Flower Scarab Eudicella gralli"

October 2019

Steven Roeters starts on his postdoc project about the oligomerisation of a-synuclein funded by the Lundbeck Foundation.

July 2019

Lars Schmüser-Steger starts his postdoc project to study the folding of ion channels within lipid membranes. The project is funded by a Lundbeck Foundation postdoc fellowship.

September 2019

Thaddeus Golbek, Steven Roeters and Tobias Weidner publish a paper in Biophysical Journal jointly with researchers at Oregon State University entitled "Otoferlin C2F Domain-Induced Changes in Membrane Structure Observed by Sum Frequency Generation".