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Award for Associate Professor Marianne Glasius

Associate Professor Marianne Glasius has been awarded the 2021 Aerosologist Award for her outstanding contributions to chemical molecular level characterisation of atmospheric aerosols, outreach activities and promotion of Nordic aerosol science.

Assistant Professor Jonas Elm hands Associate Professor Marianne Glasius the diploma
Associate Professor Marianne Glasius is handed the diploma by Assistant Professor Jonas Elm. Photo: Jakob Laust Hviid

Marianne is a great and well-recognised researcher in her field of analytical and atmospheric chemistry with many publications focusing on aerosols. She has found interesting insights about air pollution from, for example, candles and wood stove ovens, contributing to our understanding of pollution in our homes and neighbourhoods.

Marianne receives the award from the Nordic Society for Aerosol Research (NOSA) on the following background:

"Marianne Glasius has contributed significant molecular level insight into the chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols, important for understanding the role of aerosols in air-quality and climate.

Marianne Glasius leads an internationally recognised research group at Aarhus University in analytical and atmospheric chemistry. The group focuses on advanced chemical analysis, establishing new knowledge on the chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols.  

Using high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray ionization and a quadrupole Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer, her group has developed and used novel and advanced methods to determine aerosols' chemical composition. In particular, the Glasius group has pioneered development and use of such methods to identify and quantify organic acids, dimer esters and organo-sulfates in aerosol samples.

The Glasius group has analysed aerosol samples from chamber experiments, contributing new insight into reaction mechanisms and aerosol formation under different conditions as well as the chemical composition of atmospheric aerosols from locations worldwide, including aerosols sampled in the Arctic, the Amazon and China.  

In addition to her impressive scientific contributions, Marianne Glasius communicate aerosol research to a broad audience via public talks. Finally, as former member of the NOSA board and president in the period 2015-2019, she has been a key player in promoting Nordic aerosol science."

Marianne received the award yesterday on NOSA's annual meeting.