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Award for Jonas Elm

Assistant Professor Jonas Elm receives award for his research in cluster formation and atmospheric chemistry.

Portrait of Assistant Professor Jonas Elm.
Assistant Professor Jonas Elm. Photo: DFF

Assistant Professor Jonas Elm receives the 2022 Journal of Physical Chemistry A PHYS Lectureship Award.

The award honors the contributions of investigators who have made major impacts on the field of physical chemistry. Jonas receives it on the basis of his contributions on cluster formation and atmospheric chemistry research.

In connection with the award, Jonas did an interview with the journal, which you can read here: axial.acs.org/2022/03/31/2022-the-journal-of-physical-chemistry-and-phys-division-lectureship-winners-announced/

Also, Jonas is invited to give a lecture at the American Chemical Society Fall Meeting in Chicago in August.

Congratulations on the award, Jonas!