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Entrepreneurs from iNANO and Dept. of Chemistry receive DKK 12m to revolutionise stroke treatment

The spin-out company, MedicQuant, from Aarhus University raises more than DKK 12 million in capital to further develop a rapid analysis tool that will ensure faster treatment of, among other things, blood clots.

Photo of CEO Line Debois Frejlev Nielsen and CTO Malthe Hansen-Bruhn.
MedicQuant is a spin-out from iNANO and Dept. of Chemistry founded in 2019 by CEO and PhD Line Debois Frejlev Nielsen, CTO and PhD Malthe Hansen-Bruhn and Professor Kurt Vesterager Gothelf. Photo: MedicQuant / PR

The spin-out company, MedicQuant, founded by researchers from iNANO and Dept. of Chemistry at Aarhus University, has the potential to save lives with their newly developed technology.

The founders – Line Debois Frejlev Nielsen, Malthe Hansen-Bruhn and Kurt Vesterager Gothelf – have designed a groundbreaking technology that can rapidly measure the level of medication in the blood of stroke patients. This gives doctors a more accurate overview – and may reduce mortality and disability in stroke patients.

MedicQuant have now raised more than DKK 12 million in capital, most of which comes from Vækstfonden (The Danish Growth Fund), to further develop the technology.

The health tech company is headed by Line Debois Frejlev Nielsen and Malthe Hansen-Bruhn. Their vision is to create a global business and save lives with MedicQuant's platform technology, which also has potential in other disease areas.

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CEO Line Debois Frejlev Nielsen
Email: info@medicquant.com

CTO Malthe Hansen-Bruhn
Email: info@medicquant.com

Professor Kurt Vesterager Gothelf
iNANO and Department of Chemistry
Email: kvg@chem.au.dk