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Jacob Overgaard receives grant of 14 million DKK

Associate Professor Jacob Overgaard has received a big grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation of approx. 14 million DKK (approx. $2,3 million) for his research in metal complexes and their magnetic properties.

[Translate to English:] Jacob Overgaard. Foto: AU

The grant is part of the NERD programme – New Exploratory Research and Discovery – which intends to help academia explore new, scientific avenues that, in the long run, can benefit the development of new technology and biomedicine.

Specifically, Jacob Overgaard wishes to contribute with innovative research in molecular metal coordination complexes within technology and biomedicine, with a special focus on their magnetic properties. This could potentially mean that Jacob Overgaard and his research group could develop new building blocks for quantum computers – the future of PCs – which for example can sort in databases and decrypt codes much faster than what is possible with current technology. In regard to biomedicine, Jacob Overgaard hopes to build metal complexes that can be programmed to move to a chosen position in the human body. The hypothesis is then that through light he can release one or more active substances in the targeted area. This way medicine can be used much more effectively.

Jacob Overgaard is, of course, happy to receive the grant: ‘It was a fantastic call to receive last week. I’m very happy that the Novo Nordisk Foundation sees the same potential in metal complexes and their magnetic properties as we do. It’s new and explorative research and therefore we can’t know if we succeed. However, the existing research in the field suggests very interesting possibilities, so I believe that we’re going to make some interesting finds in the coming years.’

Congratulations to Jacob Overgaard and his research group on the grant.