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Jørgen Skibsted receives the Stephen Brunauer Award

Associate Professor Jørgen Skibsted and former PhD student Nishant Garg will receive the Stephen Brunauer Award 2020 today.

[Translate to English:] Jørgen Skibsted
[Translate to English:] Jørgen Skibsted

The Stephen Brunauer Award is awarded annually to the best-rated article in cement research, published within the last year in either 'The Journal of the American Ceramic Society' or 'Bulletin of the American Ceramic Society'.

The award is given for the article Dissolution kinetics of calcined kaolinite and montmorillonite in alkaline conditions: Evidence for reactive Al (V) sites. The article studies the solubility of two clay minerals after heat treatment, which can partially replace Portland cement in concrete and thus help to reduce CO2 emissions in connection with cement production. The article demonstrates that five-coordinated aluminium is of great importance for the solubility of the calcined clay and thus reactivity in cement mixtures.

Jørgen Skibsted and Nishant Garg will receive the award today at the virtual conference 11th Advances in Cement Based Materials, which is held by The American Ceramic Society - Cements Division.

Congratulations on the award to both of you!


Type of studyResearch project (PhD study)    
External collaboratorsNone in this project      
External fundingInnovation Fund Denmark for LowE-CEM project (no. 11-116724)    
Conflict of interestNone    
Link to the scientific articleDOI: 10.1111/jace.16663    
Contact informationJørgen Skibsted, jskib@chem.au.dk