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Lecture: Professor Daniel Strand, Department of Chemistry, Lund University, Sweden (Host: Thomas B. Poulsen)

[8]Annulene hydrocarbons – synthesis and applications from catalysis to material science

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Friday 9 December 2022,  at 10:00 - 11:00


1514-116, Aud IV, Department of Chemistry, Langelandsgade 140

The simplest design element in a molecule is perhaps shape. Because it is such a fundamental concept, specific molecular shapes tend to find many and diverse uses. The flat benzene ring serves as an illustration; it is found from 2D-materials like graphene, to drugs, ligands in metal catalysis, and more. In comparison, the structurally related all-sp2 [8]annulene hydrocarbons, best exemplified by its simplest member cyclooctatetraene, are less exploited in functional molecules. From a design perspective this is unfortunate as the [8]annulene core pairs a distinct and rather unique tub-shape with an intrinsic topological response to redox changes suggesting a plentitude of still untapped applications.

Or work on the synthesis of [8]annulene hydrocarbons and approaches to exploiting their fluxional and responsive topology in catalysis and intrinsically responsive switchable materials will be discussed.


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