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Merete Bilde joins the Royal Academy

Professor Merete Bilde has been elected as a new member of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

Portrait of Professor Merete Bilde.
Professor Merete Bilde. Photo: AU

Merete has been elected to the Class of Natural Sciences with 14 other researchers from both Denmark and abroad. The Royal Academy believes that Merete’s knowledge and scientific efforts will advance the academy’s purpose: To strengthen the position of science in Denmark and to promote basic scientific research and interdisciplinary understanding.

Merete Bilde studies atmospheric physical chemistry - more specifically how aerosol particles are formed and what physicochemical properties they have. It is an important research field because aerosol particles affect cloud formation and climate as well as air quality and human health. Unfortunately, we do not know much about them because of their complexity. They consist of both organic and inorganic substances - perhaps also biological material - and also occur in different phase states (solid, liquid or multiphase systems). In addition, they can physically and chemically change as they move through the atmosphere. To understand how aerosol articles affect ourselves and the climate, we must investigate and understand these complexities.

Merete Bilde's membership was announced in May, and the welcome event for the new members was held on 15 September.

Congratulations to Merete Bilde.


For more information: 
Merete Bilde, bilde@chem.au.dk 
Department of Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO)
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