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NERD grants for two scientists

Professor Niels Christian Nielsen and Associate Professor Tobias Weidner have each received 10,000,000 DKK (approx. $1.400.000) from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Portrait of Professor Niels Christian Nielsen.
Professor Niels Christian Nielsen. Photo: AU
Portrait of Associate Professor Tobias Weidner.
Associate Professor Tobias Weidner. Photo: AU

The grants are provided through the NERD programme (New Exploratory Research and Discovery), which aims to support researchers over a longer period of time so that they can explore and develop exceptional ideas for potential use in life sciences, health sciences or biotechnology.

Professor Niels Christian Nielsen receives his grant for the project 'Pulsed DNP and EPR spectroscopy for biological applications – the next breakthrough in magnetic resonance'. This project aims to develop advanced microwave and radio-frequency pulse sequences for DNP (dynamic nuclear polarization) and EPR (electron paramagnetic resonance), increasing the sensitivity and information content acquired through the two methods. 

Associate Professor Tobias Weidner receives a grant for the project 'Protein Structure at Nano-Surfaces - ProSurf'. Tobias and his colleagues will explore how proteins fold and are active at microscopic surfaces using lasers and artificial intelligence. Protein structure on surfaces is an area we don't know much about because it's difficult to observe a single layer of proteins on a surface without interference from other non-binding proteins.

You can read more about the projects here: https://novonordiskfonden.dk/en/news/ten-supernerds-receive-research-grants-through-the-nerd-programme-which-has-been-extended-by-5-years-based-on-great-success/