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New assistant professor: Anna Duncan

Yesterday, Anna Duncan started her new position as assistant professor (tenure track) at the Department of Chemistry.

Portrait of Anna Duncan.
Assistant Professor Anna Duncan

Anna Duncan works with computational modelling of biological membranes and membrane proteins. The focus of her research is to understand how myriad components of biomembranes interact and work together to achieve their function. She uses molecular dynamics simulations and larger-scale, so-called ‘mesoscale’, models as a computational microscope to investigate membrane behaviour.

Anna did an Undergraduate Master's in Mathematics at University of Oxford, followed by a MSc in Chemoinformatics at York University, which is where she first learnt about protein structure and dynamics. Captivated by this field, Anna did a PhD in the Mitochondrial Biology Unit at Cambridge University, looking at protein-lipid interactions in mitochondrial membranes. In 2014, she moved back to Oxford to start a postdoc in the group of Mark Sansom, in the Biochemistry Department, where she continued her work on protein-lipid interactions, as well as broadening the scope to look at more complex and crowded membranes and their organisation.

For now, Anna will work remotely, but in October she will be physically present in the department when she moves to Aarhus with her husband and their child.

Welcome to the department, Anna.