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Grants for Marianne Glasius, Merete Bilde and Thomas Poulsen

Associate Professor Marianne Glasius, Professor Merete Bilde and Professor Thomas Poulsen have received Exploratory Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

Associate Professor Marianne Glasius
Associate Professor Marianne Glasius. Photo: AU.

Associate Professor Marianne Glasius in collaboration with Professor Merete Bilde, Professor Mikael Sejr and Assistant Professor Johnna Holding (the latter two from the Department of Ecoscience) have received an Exploratory Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The researchers will use the funding to study the molecular-level details of marine sources of volatile organic compounds in the Arctic and their potential for formation of aerosols, which are especially critical for radiation balance as well as cloud formation in this region. The total grant amount is 4,999,815 DKK (approx. $758,100). 

Likewise, our own Professor Thomas Poulsen and Professor Claus Oxvig from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics have also received an Exploratory Interdisciplinary Synergy Programme grant. This grant amounts to 4,999,111 DKK (approx. $758,050) and is for the project 'Targeting the hidden parts of the IGF axis to extend human healthspan'. 

Congratulations to you all!