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Troels Skrydstrup will give the Bjerrum-Brønsted-Lang Lecture 2022

The Danish Chemical Society and Aksel Tovborg Jensen's Grant are hosting the Bjerrum-Brønsted-Lang Lecture in Copenhagen on 23 September at 3 pm. Professor Troels Skrydstrup is this year's lecturer.

Portrait of Professor Troels Skrydstrup.
Professor Troels Skrydstrup. Photo: The Novo Nordisk Foundation CO₂ Research Center

The lecture will focus on new chemical technologies for plastic recycling. For example, Troels and his research group have recently developed a simple chemical technology for recycling polyurethane (PUR). This plastic material, which accounts for 5% of the world's plastic production, has previously been very difficult to recycle - this new technology, however, opens a lot of new doors. You can read more about that here: https://nat.au.dk/en/about-the-faculty/news/show/artikel/polyuretan-kan-genanvendes-med-overraskende-simpel-kemi

The Bjerrum-Brønsted-Lang Lecture is held every two years and is highly recognised within the Danish chemical sciences community. The lecture is named after the important Danish chemists Niels Bjerrum (1879-1958), J.N. Brønsted (1879-1947) and Kaj Linderstrøm-Lang (1896-1959). Bjerrum developed the Bjerrum plot and Bjerrum length, while Brønsted and Lang, among other things, are known for the further development of pH and the definitions of the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary structure of proteins, respectively. The lecture is organised by the Danish Chemical Society and financed by Aksel Tovborg Jensen's Grant, which is administered by the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.

In connection with the lecture, Troels Skrydstrup will also receive a grant of DKK 20,000.

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