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X-ray diffraction

In daily work the in-house X-ray diffraction facilities are used to characterize the samples. X-ray diffraction can be used for single crystals and powder to for example determine the chemical composition in the sample. Information about the structure can be obtained from the diffractogram  if it is further analyzed using for example Rietveld refinement depending on the wanted information.

The X-ray diffraction facilities at the Center for Materials Crystallography include the above mentioned equipment.

Single-crystal diffraction

A Bruker SMART Apex 2 single-crystal diffractometer equipped with an Oxford Cryosystems Cryostream Plus enabling temperatures in the range 80-500 K. This setup includes the state-of-the-art Apex2 detector which is extremely sensitive and provides high data quality with very low read-out noise. The powerful detector permits structural investigations of very tiny crystals - obtaining results with crystallite having dimensions down to ~50 mm remains within the reach of the instrument. Furthermore, the instrument can provide accurate data for charge density modeling.

Powder X-ray diffraction

For speedy phase-identification purposes the department also hosts a STOE fixed-stage powder diffractometer with a curved IP-detector that provides a full powder diffractogram up to 120o 2theta within 10 minutes.

Rigaku SmartLab

The SmartLab is the most novel high-resolution diffractometer available today. The system incorporates a high resolution θ/θ closed loop goniometer drive system, cross beam optics (CBO), an in-plane scattering arm, and an optional 9.0 kW rotating anode generator. Coupling a computer controlled alignment system with a fully automated optical system and the Guidance software makes it easy to switch between hardware modes, ensuring that your hardware complexity is never holding back your research. 

Whether you are working with thin films, nanomaterials, powders, or liquids the SmartLab will give you the functionality to make the measurements you want to make when you want to make them.

Rigaku SmartLab II

The SmartLab II provides all of the functions and features of the SmartLab. In addition, the SmartLab II automatically record diffraction data for up to six samples in a row. It is also equipped with a Johnson monochromator providing monochromatic CuKα1 radiation. With an Oxford PheniX, cooling of the sample to 12 K is now possible.

The SmartLab II was acquired as the main diffractometer for short measurements and makes the SmartLab available for long time measurements. 

Additional equipment

The X-ray lab has an Olympus SZX-16 stereomicroscope installed which has fitted a camera for documentation purposes. There is a glove box installed for the measurement-preparation of air- or moisture-sensitive samples.