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Materials Science is the study of the relationships between synthesis, processing, structure, properties and performance. The materials can have potentials for being new alternatives for already existing materials such as batteries or completely new technologies that can solve difficult challenges or yield new opportunities. Furthermore, materials science is fundamental research that gives knowledge of complicated structures that helps us design new and complicated materials in the future.

At Center for Materials Crystallography we push the boundaries to the limit in discovering new materials or unknown crystal structures. Our research covers a broad field ranging from energy materials such as hydrogen storage, batteries, and thermoelectric materials, to advanced crystallography involving charge density, high pressure etc, and in situ experiments where we for example study particle growth while it happens.

Did you know...

... each year we conduct research at a number of different synchrotrons including SPring-8 in Japan, DESY in Germany and APS in the USA to collect high quality diffraction data?


... the different research areas calls for researchers with different interests and skills? We combine laboratory and theoretical studies to form comprehensive research studies.


... the CMC publishes more 100 papers each year.