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Center for Energy Materials (CEM)

The Center for Energy Materials (CEM) was founded on solid know-how and expertise within energy materials with the aim of developing new energy systems which are expected to be of crucial importance to the world's future energy supply.

The center is supported by The Danish Council for Strategic Research (Det Strategiske Forskningsråd), and its  mission is to conduct outstanding interdisciplinary research and to exploit the results in specific industrial applications.

The Center Director works at the Department of Chemistry, University of Aarhus, which also serves as the Center headquarters.

The ambition of CEM is to carry out international cutting-edge research on important emerging energy technologies. The scientific core of CEM is the design, preparation, characterization and application of novel materials for energy production, energy conversion, energy storage and improved energy efficiency. Novel materials form the backbone of any emerging energy technology, and six main areas are targeted:

The activities specifically aim at end-use applications in close collaboration with Danish industry. CEM offers the highest level of energy education in Denmark and directly funds >22 post doc and PhD researchers. CEM directly supports Danish industry in discovering new markets and increasing Danish energy technology exports, but additionally assures that highly skilled employees are available.

In Denmark there are strong academic and industrial activities e.g. in fuel cell technology (e.g. the Strategic Electrochemistry Research Center SERC), wind mills and bioethanol, but these technologies are just some of the future energy technologies that must be developed to face the needs of the world.


CEM has a clear strategic goal of complementing the existing Danish energy related activities by focusing on other very promising technologies. The future

energy system will not be based on a single source, which is also not politically desirable. The CEM activities are directed towards materials development, since new energy materials potentially are of very high commercial value. However, a material is useless if not developed in the correct context, and CEM therefore includes major academic and industrial expertise in energy technology. It is in the combination of outstanding academic, technological and industrial expertise that CEM will find its unique strength.