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There is an urgent need to develop new environmentally friendly energy sources and improving energy efficiency in many technologies and processes. Denmark and most other countries do not have a single renewable energy source available to replace fossil fuel, and thus the future energy supply must integrate several contributions.

The Centre for Energy Materials (CEM) targets six very promising areas within energy science: (i) Thermoelectric materials, (ii) Gas storage materials, (iii) Photocatalytic hydrogen production and water remediation, (iv) Nanoparticles for energy applications, (v) Biofuel production and (vi) Battery materials

A breakthrough in just one of these areas will have a monumental impact on modern society.

CEM unites and vastly expands the strong, but separate, projects currently conducted by iNANO, Aarhus University, and the Institute for Energy Technology (IET), Aalborg University, in energy materials research, and couple these efforts with outstanding expertise from complementary international research groups and Danish industrial companies.

CEM complements the existing strong Danish activities e.g. in fuel cells, wind mills and bioethanol by focusing on other important energy technologies. The CEM mission is to conduct outstanding interdisciplinary research and to exploit the results in specific industrial applications.

The Center has a critical mass with education of >22 post docs and PhD students, and this will make CEM a power house in energy science. CEM has a comprehensive scientific approach encompassing synthesis, multi-technique characterization and modeling with all activities directly tied to commercialization via strong participation by Danish industry.