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Each year the CMC and its collaborators publish more than 100 research articles in peer reviewed journals. You can search for specific articles on this page, or see a full list of articles published from CMC researchers. Furthermore, articles within specific research areas are collated. To read popular science papers in Danish about CMC research, open access articles published in Aktuel Naturvidenskab are also available in the tabs below.

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Partner publications - Dietmar Stalke, CMC-Göttingen


Stalke, D., "Charge density and chemical bonding", The Chemical Bond I: 100 Years Old and Getting Stronger, 57-88, 2016

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Partner publications - Mark Spackman, CMC-Perth/UWA


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Partner publications - Carlo Gatti, D. Ceresoli, L. Lo Presti, F. Cargnoni, CMC-Milano


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