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Peter Remsen Ogilby. Foto: AU

Peter R. Ogilby, Professor

Institut for Kemi

Development and use of time- and space-resolved tools as applied to the study of processes that involve reactive oxygen species, particularly singlet oxygen, in systems that range from liquid solvents to mammalian cells.

email: progilby@chem.au.dk


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Femtosecond lasersystem
PhD student Michael Westberg contemplates part of our femtosecond laser system
Super-resolution mikroskopsystem
Senior Research Associate Thomas Breitenbach and our Super-Resolution microscope system
Anlæg optical imaging
MS student Jeppe Holmehave and our combined patch clamp and optical imaging apparatus
Nanosekund lasersystem
PhD student Mikkel Bregnhøj and part of our nanosecond laser system, including our step-scan FTIR spectrometer
Laboratorie Cell Lab
Postdoc Alfonso Blazquez-Castro at work in our cell lab
Anlæg HPLC
Visiting Scientist Lars Dalgaard taking his HPLC work quite seriously


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