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Team U-PCM is presented with the 2020 RWTH Innovation Award (Aachen).
  • Faster and More Energy Efficient Memories

Read the press release about our finding published on Sci. Adv. 6, eaay6726 (2020)

Quasi-elastic neutron scattering with the TOFTOF time of flight spectrometer at the FRM II. (Photo: Sebastian Mast / TUM)

Read this media report about why phase-change materials behave like water:


PETRA III at DESY. One of the world's most brilliant X-ray sources.
  • Jumbled arrangement of atoms allows bulk metallic glasses to flow like honey

Read the popular science article about how synchrotron X-ray reveals atomic-scale structure of amorphous materials:


Prof. Angell talks about why phase-change materials behave like water in their liquid states.
Amorphous metals applied in luxury watches
See how a phase-change memory is commercialized by Intel
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