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iMAT Lecture: “EIT RawMaterials – Driving Innovation in the European Raw Materials Sector.”

Speaker: Dr. Karen Hanghøj (CEO, Managing Director, EIT RawMaterials GmbH)

13.12.2017 | Susan Hjort Skyum

Dato fre 15 dec
Tid 11:15 12:00
Sted Aud I, 1513-213, Institut for Kemi, Langelandsgade 140, 8000 Aarhus C


The strategic objectives of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) on Raw Materials are to 1) securing raw materials supply, 2) designing solutions for sustainable use of raw materials, and 3) closing material loops. The raw materials demand is constantly changing with global growth, and with emerging technologies, especially those related to green energy transition, low emission, and circular economy. Raw materials are essential for the production of clean energy (wind turbines, solar panels, etc.) and for storage and transport of energy in modern resource efficient technologies (e.g., battery technologies, wiring, infrastructure). To secure sustainable access of raw materials in the future we need to constantly develop better, cleaner and more efficient and socially accepted ways of producing raw materials from primary and secondary sources. EIT RawMaterials does this by delivering innovation and education in the raw materials sector throughout the raw materials value chain.



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