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Moving Chemicals to Containers During the Renovation

In week 1&2 chemicals in the chemical storage room will be moved to the containers next to the chemical waste room.

05.01.2018 | Susan Hjort Skyum

The “B-chemicals” will be placed in container B1 and B2. The labelling of the shelves will be the same as in the storage room.

Chemicals belonging to specific research groups (agreed with Carsten & the individual group) will be placed in container B2 and the shelves will also be labeled the same as in the storage room.

The “A-chemicals” will be placed in container A1. They will be placed in the same order (alphabetic) as in the storage room.

The chemicals in the cooling room will probably be placed in refrigerators in container A1, but if we run out of space in that container, refrigerators will be placed in A2.


Many chemicals will be moved this weekend, especially the A-chemicals.

Access to chemicals

You can get access to container B1&B2 by borrowing a key at “Butikken” or from Carsten Pedersen.

The key for container A1&A2 will from Friday in week 2 be placed in the chemical waste room. Access to this room, requires the use of a access key card.

If you need access during this “moving phase” you can borrow a key in “Butikken”.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact “Butikken” or Carsten Pedersen:

Shop: http://chem.medarbejdere.au.dk/en/safety/infrastructure/chemicals-shop/

Carsten: cape@chem.au.dk

Institut for Kemi, Medarbejdere