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Novo Nordisk Foundation

Two groups receive infrastructure grants from Novo Nordisk Foundation

15.01.2019 | Susan Hjort Skyum

Birgit Schiøtt receives DKK 6.580.675 for the project ROBUST: Resource fOr BiomolecUlar SimulaTions. The grant is for the benefit of all collaborators at AU, SDU, KU and DTU, and will install 20 new GPU nodes for running in silico simulations of complex biomedical and biochemical research problems.

Tobias Weidner receives DKK 9.448.775 for the project Nanoscat: Nanosurface Scattering Sum Frequency Spectrometer. This grant will build a new facility for surface Spectroscopy, that can provide completely new insights in a very broad range of research fields, and will be established as a reliable tool to probe nanosurfaces.    

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