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Royal Danish Library launches new library system

On the 19 November 2019, the Royal Library will launch a new library system

17.09.2019 | Susan Hjort Skyum

For users, this will mean a new user interface and some altered, or completely new, functionalities.

  • Via the AU Library’s website, it will still be possible to search for material and access electronic resources.
  • Users are encouraged to store any items currently on their personal 'To do list' elsewhere (e.g. in a reference management tool), as this facility will not transferred to the new system.
  • In the new system, all users will need to be created anew, with a new PIN code.

Important dates

01 Oct.  | Inter-library loans will not be possible for at least 5 weeks
15 Nov. | Old system will be closed for loans, reservations, renewals
               and returns

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