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The Alumni Day at Chemistry on April 5th is approaching

We are looking forward to see familiar faces, and hopefully, many former students and employees will attend.

22.03.2018 | Sanne Rud Hansen

“one-minute-madness” seminar, to show what some of the PhD students and Postdocs are working with at AU right now. The concept simple: The Ph.D. /Postdoc makes a single slide about their research, presents it within 60 seconds, and then the next person begins. It is a great exercise, it is a lot of fun, and it does not require a ton of work. It is a great opportunity for PhD students and Postdocs to pitch their project in front of potential employers!

Interested: send your slide along with name, group, e-mail and title of your project to jacob.ramsay@chem.au.dk / jclausen@chem.au.dk
We need to know if you’re interested by 23.03.2018 (the slide by 03.04.2018)

Poster session: We hope to have a poster from each group. Please send us a confirmation that your group will participate or not, so we can make sure that there’s a space for every poster: jacob.ramsay@chem.au.dk / jclausen@chem.au.dk
We need the information by 23.03.2018

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Read more about Alumni Day http://chem.au.dk/alumner/tidligere-afholdte-alumnedage/alumnedag-2018/.

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