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The rules for sharing copyright protected material on Blackboard

The next semester is starting soon, and we would like to remind you of the rules for uploading material to Blackboard

01.08.2019 | Susan Hjort Skyum

The three most important rules to remember are:

1. You are always permitted to make direct links to (legally) available material on the Internet.

This applies to both free material, as well as the e-resources the library has purchased access to.

Read more on how to make sure your links also work outside the Campus.

2. You are permitted to copy and scan physical material - such as books and journals - with the following limitations:

You may copy (upload) 20% of any given publication, but no more than 50 pages per student per semester. 

Remember, scanned files can only be shared via Blackboard and must always be accompanied by a reference.

3. Your local AU Library location is on hand to create semester shelves or make literature available in reading rooms, so that your students have easy access to make copies of any teaching material.

There are no restrictions on how much the students may copy or scan when it is for their own use.

During the 2019 autumn semester and the 2020 spring semester, Copydan will be conducting a sample survey of the use of copyrighted material on selected courses on Blackboard. This is done in order to determine the price of any future agreement. The Copydan-agreement is a national agreement, and such random checks will be carried out at all Danish universities over the coming years.

Copydan has decided to make assessments based on 50 randomly selected courses in the autumn semester of 2019, and an additional 50 in the spring semester of 2020. The courses will be selected by Copydan on the basis of data provided from Blackboard and treated as confidential. The courses are selected from across all disciplines. Printed compendiums can also be included in this sample.

This will only be relevant for you if your course is selected in the sample. You will be notified directly if your course is drawn.

Read more about the rules and the Copydan-agreement at AU library's webpage on copyright for teachers.

Questions regarding the survey are very welcome, and can be sent to the project manager, Anne Luther: anl@au.dk

If you have any questions concerning the rules that apply when sharing material - write to copydanAUL@kb.dk 

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