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2018.08.02 | Department of Chemistry

Best Poster Prize

PhD student Anna H.F. Andersen at Alexander Zelikin's lab was awarded Best Poster Presentation

2018.07.02 | Department of Chemistry

Best oral presentation prize

PhD student Raoul Walther at Alexander Zelikin lab was awarded Best Oral presentation

2018.06.25 | Department of Chemistry

AU scientists develop safer method for handling high-risk reagents

Pyrophoric chemicals like tert-Butyllithium are used on a daily basis in many laboratories. These reagents are very sensitive towards air and moisture, and serious accidents have occured when handling the reagents inappropriately. CADIAC scientist has developed an important improvement in the protocol, which makes it safer for also undergraduates…

2018.06.14 | Department of Chemistry

2 grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Michael Westberg and Anton Smith receives 4 year postdoc grants.

2018.06.12 | Department of Chemistry

New research paper from the Thomas Poulsen lab published in Angewandte Chemie

Title: A Catalytic Oxidative Quinone Heterofunctionalization Method – Synthesis of Strongylophorine-26

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