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2019.01.15 | Department of Chemistry

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Two groups receive infrastructure grants from Novo Nordisk Foundation

2019.01.14 | Department of Chemistry

Long-lasting field-free alignment of large molecules inside helium nanodroplets

Read Henrik Stapelfeldt Lab's article in Nature Communications

2019.01.11 | Department of Chemistry

Catalysts - creating chemical tools of the future

Read in Aktuel Naturvidenskab about Skrydstrup Group's work on transition metal catalysts as tools for many industries in their need to make better products for a world with growing pains.

2019.01.11 | Department of Chemistry

Do we have the necessary raw materials for a green transition?

Associate Professor Mogens Christensen is giving his views on the process of transition from using fossil fuels to green energy in Aktuelt Naturvidenskab.

2019.01.08 | Department of Chemistry

New paper from the Poulsen lab just published in Angewandte Chemie

STEFs – Activated Vinylogous Protein-Reactive Electrophiles

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