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About the alumni network

The alumni network at the Department of Chemistry is for alumni – meaning former students who has graduated in Chemistry or Medicinal Chemistry (Bachelor's, Master's, PhD) from Aarhus University.
Former and current staff from the department are also very welcome to join the network.

Our mission is to engage in lifelong relations with our alumni, for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of all.

As an alumni, you are an important ambassador of the Department of Chemistry at Aarhus University. We are therefore interested in staying in contact. With your experience, you may contribute to the development of our research and study environment, and help us position our department and university as a world-class institution. 

The Alumni Network has a lot to offer, for example:
- A network with other Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry alumni from Aarhus University
- Further education and career development 
- An update of the latest research
- Direct access to the next generation of brilliant chemists
- Great offers only for alumni, such as discounts and yearly alumni events