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Research at the department

Research is carried out in research groups that consist of one or more tenured scientists who supervise postdoctoral scholars, PhD students, BSc and MSc students, as well as visiting researchers and students working on projects. Each group focuses on a specific field in chemistry, which is studied thoroughly and professionally by both researchers and students. The research leads to articles that are published in prestigious scientific journals, such as Science and Nature. You can find all these publications in PURE – the university’s research database.

Some research groups are organised in centres that cover several groups working together and cutting across both subject and nationality. The Danish National Research Foundation and the Lundbeck Foundation currently support a number of Centers of Excellence, where some of the research takes place at the Department of Chemistry.

The Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre – iNANO – is also located at Aarhus University, and a considerable number of research groups at the Department of Chemistry are involved here, along with physicists, molecular biologists, doctors, etc.