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Our Mission:
A professional and helpful service team providing coordinated administrative effort,
freeing time for research

Secretariat contact email: chem@au.dk


Katrine Lerche Mikkelsen

Head of Secretariat Department of Chemistry
  • Head of Secretariat
  • Assistant for the Head of Department

  • Economy and operation

  • Committees: Management Team, Liaison Committee (LSU), and Work Environment Committee (LAMU)

Lily Pham

Special Consultant Nat-Tech Administrative Centre
  • Team coordinator
  • Economy
  • External collaborations

Jeanette Dandanell

Academic Linguist Department of Chemistry
  • HR
  • Absence (holidays, illness, absence)

Birgitte Lodberg Pedersen

Special Consultant Department of Chemistry
  • Fundraising
  • Building and office/lab spaces

Lene Conley

PhD and study administrator Department of Chemistry
  • Study administration
  • Teaching planning
  • PhD administration

Mie Lindeman Olsen

Project Coordinator Department of Chemistry
  • Developing teaching materials for upper secondary schools
  • Bridge-building to upper secondary schools
  • Upper secondary school teacher
  • Student recruitment

Cecilie Schmidt Herø

Academic Technical Staff Department of Chemistry
  • Student recruitment (Besøgsservice)

Marianne Sommer

Secretary Department of Chemistry
  • VIP support
  • Pure
  • Websites
  • Info screens
  • Newsletter

Nanna Granhøj

Student Worker Department of Chemistry
  • Access cards
  • Office keys
  • Booking of Dept. car/Auditoriums/rooms
  • Printer and office supplies
  • Packages and postal matters

At maternity leave

Ingeborg Jacobsen

Team coordinator Department of Chemistry
  • Team coordinator
  • Economy
  • External collaborations

Julie Nørgaard Hostrup

Member of Administrative Staff Department of Chemistry
  • Student recruitment (Besøgsservice)
  • Student retention