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Department of Chemistry Seminar Series: Professor Bradley Moore, University of California San Diego (Host: Thomas Poulsen)

Reading and writing the biosynthetic code of marine life

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Thursday 23 May 2024,  at 15:00 - 16:00


1514-213, Aud I, Department of Chemistry, Langelandsgade 140

15:00-15:15       Coffee & cake in the foyer
15:15-16:00       Scientific talk in Auditorium I

Professor Bradley Moore, University of California San Diego

Natural products are DNA-encoded small molecules produced by all organisms to support their unique lifestyles. From the smallest microbes to the largest animals and plants, the linkage of genes to chemistry aided by omics technology has expanded our basic understanding of the specialized chemistry of nature and has illuminated a path forward for the biosustainable production of life’s chemistry. In this presentation, I plan to highlight our journey to illuminate the mining of genomes from marine life – microbes, algae, and sessile animals – to discover and engineer natural product molecules and biocatalysts important to our health. Examples will include the glioblastoma drug candidate salinisporamide A from a marine bacterium, the amnesic shellfish toxin domoic acid from planktonic microalgae, and the cosmetic anti-inflammatory agent pseudopterosin from marine sessile animals (octocorals). Each example will expand upon the challenges and opportunities of mixed omics approaches towards producing chemistry unique to the sea.