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KIROS is a user-developed, web-based system for registering chemicals (currently around 15,000 chemicals).

Everyone has access to the Navigator Public Edition, a toxicological database without chemical and inventory control, and with a search function for items such as name, CAS number and molecular formula.

The Navigator Group Edition has a login function that provides access to a toxicological database with chemical and inventory control. The search function includes name, CAS number, gross formula, etc. The chemicals are registered in accordance with anti-terror legislation. You will find 16 point safety data sheets, local additional forms that make up compulsory workplace instruction manuals, information about the owner of the chemicals being searched for, danger and warning labels, English/Danish readouts, ATEX workplace assessments (zone classification), chemical workplace assessments, cancer registration (40-year list), service links and advanced search and print functions.

It is possible to manage storage users, generate barcodes, QR codes, consumption history and storage control, perform administrative location change of chemicals and print invoices.

Contact person: Astrid Van Der Aa Kühle, telephone:+45 93508173, email: aak@mbg.au.dk