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2021.04.23 | Department of Chemistry

Custom-made graphene straight from the pot

As a Master's student at Department of Chemistry, Andreas Brunsgaard Laursen and his supervisors Kim Daasbjerg and Steen Uttrup Pedersen, together with a number of companies, developed a special method to produce and customise graphene.

2021.04.22 | Department of Chemistry

ACS Spring Meeting 2021

"Sssnake" talk by Mette H. Rasmussen about the surface chemistry of snake slithering.

2021.04.20 | Department of Chemistry

Birgit Schiøtt to continue as head of department at Department of Chemistry

Professor Birgit Schiøtt has been reappointed as Head of the Department on a three-year contract, starting when her current five-year contract expires at the end of this year.

2021.04.19 | Department of Chemistry

The Lundbeck Foundation grants DKK 9.7 million to early career researchers at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

At Department of Chemistry, Christian Jorgensen (starting in Birgit Schiøtt's Biomodelling group next year) receives DKK 2.39 million for his project Computational modelling of the human brain lipidome.

2021.04.13 | Department of Chemistry

Project of Sustainable Access to Atmospheric Research Facilities

Merete Bilde is Aarhus University's principal project investigator of ATMO-ACCESS.


Mon 31 May
13:15-15:15 | online
PhD defence: Lisbeth Thorup Ravnkilde (supervisor: Birgit Schiøtt)
Computational modelling of the Glucagon receptor and Nanodiscs